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Drafting services, patent and trademark illustrations, technical drawings, schematics

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patent drafting services, patent drafting, patent drawings, patent illustrations, patent draftsman

   Patent Illustrating.com works with both intellectual property professionals and inventors directly. We provide our clients with reasonable prices and personal service, while still maintaining our quality work.

Compudraft offers the following drafting services:

• Utility Patent Drawings

• Trademark Illustrations

• Design Patent Drawings

• Mechanical Drafting

• Chemical Diagrams

• Electronic Schematics

• Solid Modeling

• Technical Illustrations

   Compudraft Patent Drafting Services makes filing your patent and trademark applications easier by:

  • guaranteeing that our work meets all filing requirements
  • meeting tight filing deadlines
  • accepting PC, Mac or AutoCAD files via e-mail or disk
  • providing excellent quality work starting from $30 per page
  • providing strict scale drawings and illustrations from photographs, sketches, prototypes, models and preliminary drawings
  • understanding the nuances of USPTO and foreign filing requirements
  • drafts and formal drawings can be provided by fax, mail, sent via FedEx or by email, using Adobe Acrobat (download for free)

patent illustrations, patent drafting services

For additional information, please contact Todd Dvoretz at compudraft@patentillustrating.com

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