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patents, trademarks, trademark illustrations, patent

Drafting Samples and Pricing

We don't charge a flat rate per page for creating patent drawings as some other patent illustrating services do. Instead Compudraft charges according to how long each drawing takes to be completed. Complex drawings take longer while simple drawings less. You are billed accordingly. Rates start at $50 per page.

Below are sample illustrations from utility and design patents and trademarks issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office, as well as a sample drawing that was used to illustrate similarities during patent infringement litigation.

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trademarks, trademark illustrations, patent drawings
Utility Patent Drawing
trademark illustrations, patent drawings, invention
Patent Infringement Suit Drawing
patent drawings,invention
Utility Patent Drawing
patents, trademarks, trademark illustrations
Utility Patent Drawing
patent drawings,invention sample patent drawings
Design Patent Drawing
patents, trademarks, trademark illustrations, patent
Trademark Illustration

Compudraft Patent Drafting Service

We follow the strict guidelines of each patent office, both domestic and abroad, to ensure that our drawings meet their drawing requirements. Compudraft can prepare formal drawings for your patent and trademark applications on either A4 or 8 1/2 by 11 at your request.

Estimates are available upon request. When requesting an estimate for drawing costs, please provide as much information as possible. Any photos, sketches or written description, such as the specification, will aid us in creating in a better finished product.

For additional information, please contact Todd Dvoretz at

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